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The Cage Collection

“Uncanny likenesses of Cage,” one press release read, “that resemble Cage in ways that are hard to describe, but instantaneously felt across generations, cultures, creeds and faiths.”

Is the Hungarian Bono Impersonator Better Than Bono?

  Here's what we know-the bulk of these videos were filmed in Hungary on camcorder quality pixels. They usually involve the Bono impersonator staring directly at the camera, sometimes the camera pans away from Bono's face and towards the countryside, or train tracks...

Oil Can Boyd Wrote the Best Sports Memoir in 2012

  There can be no middle ground on Oil Can Boyd’s They Call Me Oil Can. It is either the best sports memoir ever written or it is the most intriguing sports memoir ever written. There are a number of reasons why this feels true but I cannot start without explaining...

18 Months in the Longmont Potion Castle Cult

Longmont Potion Castle in its most pristine and addicting form is a series of analog recordings of a metalhead from Colorado delivering strings of non-sequitur prank phone calls to unsuspecting citizens and customer service representatives. There was a year and a half...

Dan Brady’s Special Letterpress Cover

For the premier edition of Strange Children, the new collection of poetry by Dan Brady (Publishing Genius, April 2018), we've done a letterpress cover of the artwork by Jarod Roselló. We still have a few left, just $10, find out more here, where you can order a copy...

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