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It’s that time of week again!

Let’s check in and see what some of our contributors have been up to.

Kristen Ploetz (issue 3) has a new story called “Three Angies” over at Random Sample Review Check it out here.

Allen Jones (issue 5) has a new story called “The Red Sex Wagon” over at Birds Thumb. Check it out here.

Meghan Phillips (issue 3) has a new story called “Koosh Motel” in the June Edition of Split Lip. Check it out here.

Chris Drew (issue 4)  has a new story called “Exodus to Nowhere” over at The Word Factory. Check it out here. He has also been shortlisted for the Bath Fiction Award for June 2017! Congrats!

Stay tuned for any further updates on the activities and proclivities of our fellow (b)OINKers!

Happy Writing!


Corwin, apprentice (b)OINKer

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