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English, born America, 1993

Captioning, c. 2013
Man on woman.

The artistic preservation of violence is a significant feature of the artist’s earlier work.
See the way he forces his subject open at the thighs, see the way he separates skin from
muscle and pins it back, mounts her in the way an insect is mounted. See the ruts her
clothes have left on her body. Notice how the glass in front of her prohibits escape, how
the wood of the frame holds her down. Notice how he’s captured her in a singular
moment. She is a handful of repeated minutes. He creates time out of flesh.

Look at the way her mouth moves, says You may not caption me. Observe the tension
that exists between her words and the act of interpretation, to which you are bearing
witness. Observe his jagged handwriting as it disappears under her dress, observe how it
tells us everything we need to know about her. Observe the dichotomy between his
desires and hers. Observe an abstract projection of selfhood onto an untainted canvas.

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