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Act I

The escalator was sideways
But I tried to climb up anyway

A man was punctured with bamboo
Until he became a porcupine

My favorite poet
Watches women undress

And licks his thumb
I’m scared

Of the president
I’m scared of the dream of acid

A jewelry store appears
In the crack of my dream

An oasis, they say
I have to pee, I say

Everyone wonders
When they’ll win

Everyone wonders
When they’ll die

No one asks
To adjust the curtain


[It’s too hot even to fuck]

It’s too hot even to fuck.
The air conditioner radiates in the window
As cat scratches all down the hall.
Everyone’s ex-girlfriend is Donald Trump.
Everyone’s ex-girlfriend is mine.
She says she hates it but she’s shallow.
Wants a man to text her even when she hates him.
I once flew to Tennessee or wherever Alabama I can’t remember
I thought he might call me.
Thought I’d laugh and say, I’m at a botanical garden
In Texas or wherever. Sorry, I can’t talk today.
I would push my hair out of my face
Like he would. Like he did. I would speak Polish
To a rare kind of cactus and try to lick it.
Come here, you ragged wonder, let me love me.

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