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There Must be an Answer

A cockroach in the grass is so different from a cockroach on the bathroom floor. This is how I’ve learned my empathy is conditional, how I learned that I’m just another body in space, in context, running into walls like a Roomba, which by the way did you... read more

bezoar – I

ni oblit, ni perdó          & the old abattoir   with its noir-rust         pro -tocols     hāl of qurb grey brawn  its  crowning organs    that reek of power  careening blood black  into the paladin   here the gaslight  twitching in larval fuss  must scarce us... read more

Unidentified Male Artist

English, born America, 1993 Captioning, c. 2013 Man on woman. The artistic preservation of violence is a significant feature of the artist’s earlier work. See the way he forces his subject open at the thighs, see the way he separates skin from muscle and pins it back,... read more

Catching Up

I’m good, and you? Just making breakfast here and chewing the toenails off other people. Remember when I used to do that for you? Oh, by the way — the starlings are back for that big tree. Remember the first time they flooded it? We thought they were in... read more

The Realest Thing About Me Is My Exhaustion

I’m tired of my life & my attempts to do anything worthwhile. I’m tired of men & the way they say “I love you” just in case they mean it some day. I’m tired of holding back the things I need to say so long that they begin welling up in the back of my throat,... read more


The Piazza Navona teamed with life everlasting in that outdoor café when you still tugged at my sleeve like you owned me, the feel of cobblestones under our cheap but stylish “sneakas” perfect machiattos in hand. Who needed more? And the museum across the way full of... read more


1. His prayer for the girl who lost his baby. Years later his daughter peels oranges on the couch, speaks of opening the east. She smiles. 2. His apology to the girl who took him home from work one night, asked him to be rough. He said gentleness warred inside him. 3.... read more

Suburban idylls of Birmingham

Sleeping all summer beneath your open window, humidity seeps into you From the ravine, a breeze—the creek vibrates, the deck creaks Footfalls: a possum/ a raccoon/ a coyote investigates—sitting on the sill, a cat hisses low—the rock beds, breaking retreat  ... read more

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The Buddy System

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