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When you decided	you wanted a dance
You did not know	        could not have known
that I was not there      waiting with pouty lips
and swaying hips	        to dance with some yinzer fuck.

When you put your hand	   up my skirt to grab
my ass and check		           for panties, you did not
know that my hand would 	   clench around your wrist
my fingers strong enough	   to leave a telling mark

of purple mottled	         with red and blue.
When you threatened	 to tear my new blouse I bought
with my first ever	         bonus check if I didn’t show you
my tits, I pulled it	         up high because I’d saved

for so long.  You did not 	  know this fire in my belly
coursing through my limbs	  You did not know
that you were one schmuck	  too many in a long line
of schmucks, you did		  not know that
I was up to those very tits	  you tried to claw at
with men like you. You did	  not know when I said

you see with the eyes	motherfucker that you would
stumble away with 	stars and a mouthful of blood
with the tang of iron	with your own cum lodged
in 	       the 	     pit 	    of	           your	        throat.

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