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let’s be eighth grade together / like instead of doing the it how about / i get purposefully lost in the woods of you / squeeze you into a juice & then drink the pulp of you / smoosh you into a dust & sprinkle you over my body / like instead of doing the it how about / i just never reach the ends of you

let’s call each other by all the names / we’re reserving for all the dogs we want / but will most likely never get / *extremely keaton henson voice* / “& if you must live, my sweet badata, just live” / shocking our systems into a factory reset / in the name of ultimate pleasure delay

let’s be sex & the city / let’s ben & let’s jerry / i’d like a whole pint of you please / & now here’s a soup haiku for you: / make it all better / you there with the soup-hands, yes / i’m talking to you

let’s tell each other all our wildest fantasies / like where you die an untimely death in all of yours / & where you use your piano fingers in all of mine / to play me like a goddamn vanessa carlton song / people who are intimately familiar with the spaces / between meditation and masochism / make for the best cuddlers

let’s do that thing while trying to sleep / where it’s like spitting on the laws of quantum physics / by trying to replace my matter with your matter / by trying to get your atoms & my atoms / to occupy the same space / & like how adorably futile but also / what a very fun way to spend our time

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