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Postcard Poetry Contest

Postcard Poetry is (b)OINK’s newest bimonthly contest.

Our very own poetry editor, Caitlin Scarano, will be the judge. Found out more about Caitlin and her work here.

Here are a few words from Caitlin:

“The other day I was thinking about the last postcard I sent. I was in Europe. It was the dog days of summer. I sent a postcard of a statue of a man on a horse to my ex-boyfriend. I was still in love with him. I don’t think he ever replied. So often when we send a postcard we are in love. Or we are tourists, passing through a place that is not ours. Or, like this writer of this postcard and his friend, we are in crisis. What makes a postcard strange? Its brevity? How exposed it is? Like a poem, a postcard is as defined by what is not on the page as much as what is on the page. Tell the story beneath the story. Tell this story. Tell it through image. Tell it broken. Tell it through the unsaid.”

The premise of the contest is simple: write a poem, one page or less, using the front and back of the postcard as a prompt (see images below). You could be the person that sent it, the postperson that delivered it, or the one who receives it. Really, it’s up to you. Be creative and have fun.

  • Please use Times New Roman 12pt font.
  • Previous contributors are welcome to enter the contest.
  • We are firm on one page or less. Any entry that exceeds one page will automatically be disqualified.
  • Entries will be considered from 9/12-9/22 (11:59pm CDT).
  • Please do not include your name on the attachment. We want to read the submissions blind.
  • We will announce the winner on Monday, 9/25.

Enter the contest through our Submittable page.

Besides their poem being published, the winner will also receive, if desired, a “box of shit” via snail mail.

Good luck to everyone that enters!



I seen Bob the other day. I’m trying to get him out. He’s lock up with a bunch of nuts. Be seeing you.

Detroit, Mich



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