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Take a lover / who looks at you
while you go out / to kill yourself
& instead catch a woman
holding a man

like he is magic / even during
an asthma exam when
the nurse / tells you to breathe in
harder, tells you

you almost got it / & you don’t
you’re just normal / when you hold
your breath / in tunnels flopping
lungs in the dark

bargained for Manhattan / & a $2
dance / where $1 is a cheeseburger
& the other is a lap

select like bus service

going to Brooklyn / on the wrong
side / men don’t have a side
they have a taste / for other men
& their flesh

Take a lover / who stops looking
at you like a man / who stops
treating you like a woman / Remember
when we held each other

for free / It was just you & I &
it was a beautiful snow globe

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