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We have a new maid who told me one day that she had seen me walk into a room early in the morning only to disappear once she had opened the door. This is highly impossible as I sleep through the day and wake in the afternoon. The maid thinks it may be a ghost who looks like me whereas I believe it is my own ghost, though I do not tell her this. I am twenty four this year, too old to believe in ghosts and too young to have one of my own. The maid asks that we have the house exorcised, but she is shoddy on the details of what this would entail. Priests and singing, maybe, which are the worst parts of any gathering. If they wanted to drive me out, I suppose that would be the way, but I do not know if it would drive out my ghost, and I do not believe it would have any effect at all on a ghost that merely looked like me. I tell the maid I will consider it, if only because hiring a new maid will be difficult in this economy.

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