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What is Camp Real Pants, really?

It’s an occasion to meet up with literary movers and shakers in a casual way (but less panicked than the bookfair floor). We’ll start with a lunch reading at 12:30, provided courtesy of 421 Atlanta and Publishing Genius. Then we’ve got a bunch of organizations coming in to give casual talks about what they do, and how, and why. Expect them to light a campfire under yr ass.

Each presenter will talk for about ten minutes then answer questions and hang out for a bit. Then onto the next talk.

That covers the early afternoon. Then we’ve opened up the floor to six presses / journals to present readings. But they’ll all have a twist, like Dark Fucking Wizard is bringing in pizzas, and GMR’s reading will be a happy hour.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the day with a campfire hootenanny.

And if anyone reads for too long, we’ll all yell “Buddy Check!” Promise.

Where is it?

The address is 224 E 11th St #700a, Los Angeles, CA 90015, a 17 minute walk from the AWP Conference Center.

The venue is Astroetic Studios, a big loft space usually used for photo and film shoots.

Should I register?

You don’t have to, but you might want to register and we’ll save you a spot. You can do that here and if you’re one of the first 25 people to register, we’ll give you a tee shirt.

How much does it cost?

It’s free, thanks to our sponsors. Check them out! You probably know about them already, but just in case, here are some links:

Submittable—they handle your submissions.

Real Pants, a lit blog. If you’re not reading it already, well, you should be.

Spencer Printing, the printer.

Publishing Genius and 421 Atlanta, a couple’s small presses.

Dark Fucking Wizard, a literature cult.

Green Mountains Review, a journal from the mountains of Vermont.

Lit, a magazine from the New School.

Can my group be a sponsor?

Maybe! Contact us and let’s make something campy happen.

Can I bring a buddy and hang out all day?

Yes please! We want you to treat Camp Real Pants as your AWP base of operations. We’ll be bringing in food and beverages throughout the day and we’ll have lots of comfortable places to sit. And a crafts table.

Will there be booze? Do I have to be 21?

You do have to be 21 to drink our bug juice, but it’s all ages to get in. We’ll be selling cheap wristbands that come with drink tickets on them. If you’re going to be at AWP, pay attention at the bookfair; some of our sponsors will be giving these away at their tables.

Will Gene Morgan be there?


Are Adam and Amy bringing their cat?

No, but here’s a picture of Chouchou:


I've heard about some of the events y'all've done before. Will this be like those?

In the past, the organizers of Camp Real Pants have put together some amazing events at AWP. We’ve hosted readings on the Chicago El, at the zoo in DC, with free brunch in Seattle and dinner in Minneapolis, and in huge dance parties called Lit Party, through which we were able to donate thousands of dollars to literary charities. You can expect Camp Real Pants to follow that theme.

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The Buddy System

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