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Greeting and salutations people of (b)OINK,

Kathy Fish has been working hard on narrowing down the fantastic stories that were submitted to the flash fiction contest. We received an amazing amount of submissions. Below, we have pared down the list to 20 finalists. In order to maintain mystery, we’ve omitted the names of the authors. However, all the pieces are organized alphabetically by last names, so have fun guessing.

Thanks again to everyone that submitted!

Without further ado, behold, the top 20:

“The Car Full”

“what it means to be lost”

“all their hushed worries”

“These Arms of Yours”

“Out of Reach”


“Swan Songs Are Just Human Songs With Feathers”

“10,000 Interpreted”

“Aspects of My Father”

“A Lesson of Manners in Paint Rock, Texas”

“Everything Is Going to Be Okay”


“The 45th President of the United States and I Went to Baskin Robbins”

“Ms Tempke Goes to the Cinema”


“A Hex That Binds”

“Bitter Pills”

“In Patient”

“Super Human Leech Bite”

“Tall Tales”

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