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Everyone in the (b)OINK family has been hitting it hard. Check out these pieces and support!

Matt Jakubowski (issue three) has a piece “Two” out in The Brooklyn Rail. Check it out here

Tara Isabel Zambrano (issue four) has her piece “In Its Entire Splendor” out in the Vestal Review. Check it here.

Shannon Hearn (issue two) has her piece “NOT REAL/LY TRYING TO SPEAK JUST OFF/ERING” out in Big Lucks. Check it out here.

Leah Sophia Dworkin (issue two) has her piece “The Enormous Radio” out at Yalobusha Review. Check it out here.

Henry Goldkamp (issue four) has his piece “Capitalism is a Fucking Euphamism” out in Jokes Review. Check it out here.

More of you are sending in where you are getting your work out and it’s great to see what a prolific, and great group of contributors we have here at (b)OINK. You are the reason we kill it every day.

Keep making art, and keep on (b)OINKing hard (and then tell us about it at boinknews@gmail.com).

Corwin, Apprentice (b)OINKer

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