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ni oblit, ni perdó          & the old abattoir   with its noir-rust         pro

-tocols     hāl of qurb grey brawn  its  crowning organs    that reek

of power  careening blood black  into the paladin   here the gaslight 

twitching in larval fuss  must scarce us  into some spur of care here

i must     hew myself         a tremendous fang – chine my spleen into

the adder’s hymn  this long gland   this prized tooth    for the cudgel

& its rot-faced etch           bite god on the wrist               leave sunny

gashes along the body’s   incarnadine rosette    I – gilded   mormyrid

I – ceral as frog-limb     amphibious as moonlight         & its scuttled

Lucifer  polishing summer   moths into heads on silkpins at midnight

the skull   strums uncoupled from its    mapless scarring         no more

the sparkplug, the gimbal wires   just this lithe umber   stretching  past

crannied circuitry      just the haecceity      asleep           like  a jackal’s horn

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