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Potential Energy Is Stored For The Future

Electricity is not capable of accomplishing half the marvels that are claimed for it, James
Harvey Kellogg said & yet it was valuable. In shallow baths of mineraled water. With
cold sheets wrapped tight. With sun on faces daylight pale. Valuable when lined up
among cots on the dusk-dark lawn. Sanatorium. Sanitarium. Change two letters & a new
word is added to the English language. I seen Bob the other day. In a bath, in a sheet, in
the sun, on the lawn. He said, electricity that gathers in one place is static. I said, I’m
trying to get you out. He said, the body builds an electric charge over time. I said, I’m
trying to get you out. He said, when you touch metal, the charge runs to the earth. He
said, electricity that moves from one place to another is called current. I said, be seeing
you. He said, the energy something has because it’s moving. I said, be seeing you, be
seeing you.

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